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Cannabis Infused Ice-Cream

How to Make Easy THC Infused Ice-Cream

Making your own edibles is a great way...

To get the cannabis THC or CBD levels you want as well as saving your hard-earned money.

After creating cannabis-friendly recipes like full course meals, cookies, cakes, and even pizzas, I started wondering what I could have possibly left out. Then it hit me!

Got a hole in your heart and the only thing that can fill it is ice-cream? Agreed. Us too, so we've curated a simple, easy to follow recipe even those who haven't entered the kitchen all year, could pull off.

Indulging this THC infused ice cream that you can virtually add any flavor you'd like to.

Preparation: 20min

Cooking: 4-5hrs

Ready in: When Frozen


What you'll need:

These being the main basic ingredients you are able to add which ever flavours you could possibly want!need some ideas? Chocolate flavouring, Cherry, and Root Beer.

  1. An eighth (3.5g) of your favourite cannabis strain, while picking up or ordering your cannabis online, ask yourself, "what kind of effect would I like from this?"

Looking for it to be more of a daytime snack or even a thickener for your coffee? Try one of these strains here

Not looking for daytime fun but instead something to take the edge off and relax before bed? Try one of these strains here

  1. 500mL of cooking cream, a thicker, fatty cream is needed to ensure the cannabinoids and other cannabis properties are preserved.

  1. Two Tablespoons of butter

  1. 75g of sugar (healthier alternatives always available)

  1. Two ripe bananas

  1. A pinch of salt

  1. Two tablespoons of run with 5 tablespoons of honey.


"Time to Start the Magic"

1. Set heat to medium on stove-top.

2. In a medium-sized pot or casserole dish (needs to be deep enough so that the cream does not burn) slowly add-in, cream, butter, sugar, and salt in that order while continuously stirring the mixture.

3. After all the ingredients listed above have been evenly incorporated themselves. Grab your decarbed cannabis flower and grind it as finely as possible. Mixing those together keep the element on medium heat. ( little bubbles around the edge are ok, you do not want this boiling.)

4. In a new container add your cut up bananas, the rum, and honey, mix these three well before transferring to the blender. Blending until every lump is now smooth and creamy. Once your cannabis mixture on the stove is finished, mix the two together well in a freezer-safe dish and store for 3-4 hours before serving... Enjoy!