Updated January 18, 2021


| Turp-in-nol-en | Noun

Found in nutmeg, cumin, and, apples its complex, citrusy, floral-piney aromas, is not too dissimilar from the superficially similar terpineol. Not as heard of as other terpenes in the past, terpinolene has been making big moves in recent years.

The smell of terpinolene is perfect for use in cosmetics, soaps, and perfume.

If I were to cook with this strain, its flavors and aromas would complement any cream-based recipes in need of a little extra kick.

One of the top search results for this terpene is how it may help with depression, keep reading to learn more about terpinolene.

Does Terpinolene Have Any Health


Found in small amounts, present in various cannabis strains like pineapple-Kush and golden goat, two amazing strains, but not just for there powerful effects, this may have something to do with terpinolene's magical medicinal properties.

Its sedative effects could provide mild drowsiness, relaxation and could reduce the anxiety felt before using this terpene. Terpinolene also performs as an antioxidant, and had repellent or toxic effects, and could be screened for the control of storage pests.

Terpinolene has been studied recently for aid in combating cancer, though more information and testing is needed before ever being able to move out of clinical trials.

Cannabis Strains Containing