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Raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, home to the famous BC Bud. I was greatly influenced by cannabis as both my parents used the plant medicinally.

My passions for ocean biology and ganja were at the perfect temperature to decarboxylate. Sparking up my creative side, I started CannabizzzJane in June 2020 to pass the time...

As my audience grew, I decided to expand it to a larger platform, Cannabizzz jane, which offers a wealth of knowledge, Cannabis marketing, PPC opportunities, and much more. Working at a local dispensary when I was younger gave me firsthand knowledge of the products and the company's ethics.

Now that I'm no longer working in dispensaries, I've shifted my focus to consumers, assisting each of you in finding the cannabis information you seek.

Contact me for more information.

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"Consulting is a good way to get rewarded for being old. <– fun fact. Though, with Cannabis; younger generations might have an advantage. In Canada, budtenders like CannabizzzJane have pivoted their government-required training to help cannabis brands better market their products.

Cannabis consultants might also be contracted for their expertise on regulations, growing, distribution, security etc."