Simply Bare Organic

Apple Toffee



Flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange essence. Transforming this cultivar into the most luxurious, apple crème brûlée you’ll ever have. Its THC levels at 18.098% and definitely did its job.

While it’s looks may be underwhelming, Apple Toffees taste and effects provide the opposite...

Right after work I busted up a bud and lit-up, euphoric uplifting high but without any of the anxiety ✌️

According to Simply Bare.

BC Organic Apple Toffee is a FVOPA Organic Certified hybrid with a slight indica leaning. Visually this cultivar has has big, thick leaves surrounding slightly fluffy-looking, yet dense buds. With a lineage of Sour Apples and Crème Brûlée you get an interesting combination of kushy and fruity, sweet aromas – you can almost smell the apple. ”

From Leafly,

Expect to pucker up, because this strain will send your tastebuds a-tinglin’. Bright green in color with a distinct sour apple candy aroma, Sour Apple lives up to its name. You won’t get a sugar rush from this strain—it may leave you stuck on the couch. This strain is good for after work or on a lazy afternoon. A cross between Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99, Sour Apple at its best is extremely potent. Try this strain if you’re looking to relax and ease stress. ”

Terpenes & Cost

$54.95 BC

packaged September 14,2020. This smelly cultivar has a terp count of 3.2% (according to our latest COA) and its most potent terpenes are:


This gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory super terpene caryophyllene also has medical properties such as, anti-cancer, antioxidant as well as antimicrobial.


This terpene has boasted antimicrobial, immune-boosting characteristics.


Found in turmeric, farnesene has anti-inflammatory properties as well as tumor-inhibiting traits and could be helpful in treating colon and pancreatic cancers.


  • Cancer killing properties

  • Sedative effects useful for treating pain or insomnia

  • Anti-inflammatory