Limonene Terpene



| Li-me-nen | Noun

The terpene limonene is a natural compound, found in citrus peels such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and limes. Its strong zesty aromas are 100% due to those lemon essential oils.

Limonene is also known as Alpha-Limonene, Dipentene, and D-limonene.

"People have been extracting essential oils like limonene from citrus fruits for centuries. Today, limonene is often used as a natural treatment for a variety of health issues and is a popular ingredient in household items." and is probably discoverable already in your home

Does Limonene Have Any Health


One of the most vastly studied terpenes in the world, limonene has proven itself to be more than a flavoring or household cleaner.

This terpene has boasted:

Antimicrobial: Being a common ingredient in our house-hold cleaners its no joke that limonene could do the same for our bodies.

Reduced Inflammation: While more studies are needed, early trials suggest that limonene could help reduce the number of factors connected to chronic inflammation. Inflammation numbers into a wide variety of chronic illnesses. Limonene has been shown to improve conditions like arthritis and cancer

In recent case studies, Sativa Cannabis with higher levels of limonene showed that the effects were uplifting "buzz-like" highs, while Indicas provided a more non-sedative but instead "light and airy" as the limonene counteracts sedative terpenes such as linalool and myrcene

Cannabis Strains High In Limonene

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