The 6 Best Cannabis Skin Care Products 2021

Thousands of companies have joined the trend of using cannabis in their skin-care lines, this doesn't mean they are all ethically sourced, include the best ingredients or, retail for high prices compared to a product with the same list of ingredients present.

Here's a list of my 6 most favs, so take a look, and even dive in to why cannabis is being added to our skincare.




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Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil


Aloe Barbadensis,Cannabis Sativa (hemp)Seed Oil , and Turmeric powder all in the same place? what else could you ask for. Herbivore Botanicals offers small-batch products that bring health and vitality to your skin care and bathing routines. The brand uses the highest-quality natural ingredients—including food-grade, plant-based and toxin-free materials. Never tested on animals, Herbivore Botanicals' formulas come in recyclable and reusable packaging for true sustainability.

$48.00 (Shop Now)

Nourishing Body Cream


Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid-infused with a subtle scent of citrus, Cannuka's soothing Manuka honey-based Nourishing Body Cream provides a light yet indulgent, refreshing yet soothing feel - you'd have to try it to understand. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and silky.

Cannuka's Travel size Mini Nourishing Body Cream is delightfully smooth and hydrates all skin types for hours. It also soothes sunburns in the summer and deeply moisturizes dryness in the winter.

$22.00 (Shop Now)

Purifying Body Gel Balm Cleanser


Cannuka's light and fluffy Purifying Gel Balm Cleanser gently removes impurities, while infusing rich moisture into your face for a younger-looking glow.

Made with our signature combination of ingredients, this bouncy gel balm transforms into a silky lather that soothes the skin, leaving it blissfully soft and supple. Also infused with Grapefruit and Sea Buckthorn, it renews and instantly cleanses all makeup, leaving behind a fresh face that’s balanced and radiant. Available in both full size and deluxe sample size.

$34.00 (Shop Now)

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Hydrating Face Mask


Hemp-derived cannabis seed oil richly hydrates and helps lock in moisture. Aloe provides additional hydration plus calming and soothing benefits. Kaolin clay helps draw out impurities for a thorough cleanse. This concentrated formula provides comfortable wear without tightening or hardening.

I really enjoyed this mask. I didn’t see immediate results, but sticking to the directed usage of 1-2 times per week, I did notice a different in how hydrated my skin felt. I like the application, it makes it so it’s not messy. I didn’t notice a strong smell and it definitely helped tone down some of my redness.

$34.00 (Shop now)

Relaxing & Hydrating Mask With Hemp Seed Oil


This lush, super-nourishing mask is formulated with cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp that’s rich in essential omega-6 and omega-3 acids—and is non-intoxicating, to boot. It deeply hydrates skin to calm, soothe, and help de-stress the senses with its essential oil blend. It’s the mask that won’t leave you high and dry.

Origins mission is to create safe, high-performance products that deliver visible results powered by nature and proven by science. Because we’re dedicated to helping you make thoughtful decisions—ones that are right for you.

$35.00 (Shop now)

Oat & Hemp Seed Oil Skin Repair


This antioxidant-rich facial oil is formulated with a blend of 16 cold-pressed active botanicals including cannabis sativa seed oil, rich in omegas and fatty acids, and colloidal oatmeal. Together they work to help calm and soothe dry, distressed skin. Arnica Montana flower extract and borage seed oil help support the skin’s natural healing process. This unique dry oil absorbs into skin so it will never leave a greasy after-feel.

$40.00 (Shop now)

Findings suggests CBD holds promise for treating some skin conditions

Small studies have looked at CBD as a possible treatment for skin conditions, such as acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Findings from these small studies suggest CBD may be an effective treatment for some skin conditions.

Before CBD becomes a treatment option for any condition, dermatologists say it’s essential to answer many questions, including:

  • What is the proper dosage of CBD for treating each condition?

  • How does CBD interact with other medications that a patient may be taking?

  • What are the possible side effects of applying CBD to the skin?

CBD products can be mislabeled

Findings from CBD studies indicate that some products may not actually contain the amount of CBD listed on the package.

In one study, researchers bought 84 products containing CBD from 31 different online companies. When they analyzed the amount of CBD in each product, they discovered that only 26 of the 84 products contained the amount of CBD stated on the package.

Even more concerning, some products contained a good amount of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes people to get high.

While you cannot get high from applying a lotion or lip balm, this finding suggests it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting when you buy a product that contains CBD.

It also suggests that manufacturers may be mixing up their plants. CBD comes from the hemp plant, which contain very little THC. You get THC from marijuana plants.

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