Humulene Terpene



| Huum-yu-len'| Noun

Humulene, known as a-humulene or a-caryophyllene. This fairly common terpene can be found in most cannabis cultivars but in smaller percentages. Humulene is full of health benefits that we'll explain further on.

First found in the essential oils of Humulus lupulus (or hops, the main ingredient in beer) its since been found in sage, ginseng and, cannabis. Humulenes aromas are reminiscent subtle: earthy and woody, with spicy, herbal notes

This terpene has shown characteristics un-like any other terpene derived from cannabis.

Does Humulene Have Any Health


Not only is humulene an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but it has also proven itself in aiding with weight-loss.

How you may ask, this appetite-suppressing super terpene works alongside other chemicals to effectively provides anorectic effects.

Its luring scent and appetite suppressing benefits aren't the end of the road though, humulene also provides:

  • Cancer killing properties

  • Sedative effects useful for treating pain or insomnia

  • Anti-inflammatory

"Humulene is effectively taken topically, orally, or even by aerosol in forms other than the flower. It’s added to balms and salves, for example, as topical relief for pain and inflammation. Plus, humulene’s anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-appetite forces amplify when combined with its cousin, beta-caryophyllene (β–caryophyllene), the “dietary cannabinoid” of terpenes."

Cannabis Strains High In Humulene