Borneol Terpene


Updated January 20, 2021


|bo'r-ne-'ol | Noun

For cannaseurs, terpenes are the parts of the plant that give cannabis its unique smell, flavor, and even effects. There are over 200 known terpenes found in the cannabis plant, none of them are the same, and all differ from each other. More than some think THC content affects your high.

Its potent woodsy scent, usually derived from the tree dryobalanops aromatic, or more commonly known as Borneo camphor, camphor tree; is a species of critically endangered plant in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

Borneol, also derived from the cannabis plant.

Its camphoraceous odors are also described as having a balsamic smell.

Does Borneol Have Any Health


The terpene borneol offers many great health benefits, including improved digestion and may even better blood circulation.

It can also effectively treat bronchial symptoms, improving lung function, and ease breathing, like those with asthma or bronchitis.

Similar to many of its sibling terpenes, borneol can reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation.

Besides thyme, borneol also naturally occurs in ginger, rosemary, sage, camphor, marjoram, and madwort.

"Borneol is a terpene in cannabis that plays a major role in traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly referred to as moxa, this terpenoid was used in China as early as the 1600's to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, and cure heart disease."

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