Alpha Pinene

Updated January 18, 2021


| Pi'N-en | Noun

Ever open up that freshly purchased bag of weed and immediately feel the forest in the back of your throat? That intense feeling would be mostly due to the terpene pinene, found most abundantly in pine trees and plants alike.

Pinene could also be used as a biofuel, quote Leafly, "One unusual potential use of pinene is as a biofuel in spark engines."

One of the most abundantly found terpenes in the plant world there is significant quantities of pinene in basil, dill, eucalyptus, cedar and, conifer trees.

Find cannabis strains high in this terpene here.

Pinene Health Benefits

  • Mental alertness

  • Cognitive functions

  • Cancer

  • Bronchodilation

  • high level of cleansing efficiency and low toxicity

Pinene also may be used to help medical cannabis patients reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and even help patients breathe better, its obvious pinene is a super terpene roundhouse.

This terpene has been everywhere, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere, the terpene pinene can be found in your teas, household cleaners, and even your perfume.

According to Potbiotics, "Asthma patients who desire to medicate with cannabis would be well-suited to vaporize a strain that contains high amounts of pinene."

Cannabis Strains High In Pinene