Camphene Terpene




Camphene is a terpene found in nutmeg, ginger and, cannabis.

This terpene has shown eye-opening properties like possibly being able to prevent heart disease.

A study done in 2011, published by the uncovered the fact camphene could lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, unlike any other terpene.

Does Camphene Have Any Health


A terpenoid that has powerful pain-relieving characteristics and may be used as a great antioxidant.

Despite these incredible benefits, patients who vaporize or smoke their medication should be aware that the Camphene terpene is very combustible and can release carcinogenic smoke when heated to high enough temperatures.

Instead, oils or edible cannabis tinctures with camphene present may be safer.

"In the mid-1900s, camphene was commonly used as a fuel for lamps before it was deemed too explosive to be safe. Scientists readily admit that this volatile terpene produces an acrid smoke that can irritate the lungs and throat, but are still not ready to concede its medicinal importance for medical cannabis patients," says

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