Linalool Terpene



| Li-na-lou-L | Noun

A sedative terpene that is present in spices, plants, and even Fungi such as Achillea ligustica

Linalool is frequently used as an aroma (perfume) foe flavoring agent, providing its sweet lavender essential oil smells.

Linalool is also in: humanly fabricated goods like chewing-gum, condiments, meat products, and even certain baked goods contain linalool.

"Linalool is also used as a scent in 60% to 80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and lotions. It is also used as a chemical intermediate. One common downstream product of linalool is vitamin E"

Does Linalool Have Any Health


Linalool causes the immune system to be more resilient to undetectable illnesses, this terpene is responsible for sending out white blood cells to its proper location, helping with the recovery of many different things.

Linalools sedative effects, just like lavender and chamomile have the advantage of being a muscle relaxant and may even reduce stress levels.

"One way is through blocking the receptors for the primary excitatory brain chemical, glutamate, which could account for linalool’s potentially anti-epileptic properties in some forms of epilepsy. This terpene also has the ability to enhance the effect of other sedatives, such as pentobarbital."

-Says leafly in a further article on what linalool can do for you.

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Cannabis Strains High In Linalool