Nerolidol Terpene


Updated January 18, 2021


| Ne'r-a-le-dol | Noun

Also known as peruviol and penetrol, found primary in plants such as citronella, ginger, jamsin, lavender, tea-tree and, lemon-grass. Nerolidols is more than just woodsy, tree bark aromas.

Nerolidol, a sesquiterpene which means it is less volatile and more aromatic than monoterpenes and other evaporative substances. Investigated over the last decade as it has shown great promise in its medicinal benefits.

"Nerolidol is a big enemy of many bacteria, fungi, parasites, spider mites, head lice, etc. However, humans can safely ingest and inhale it. It has been traditionally used for its relaxing effects, and it’s commonly used as a food-flavouring agent. It’s currently under testing as a skin penetration enhancer for the transdermal delivery of drugs. Studies focusing on nerolidol have shown antifungal, antibacterial, anxiolytic, and antioxidant properties." According to Royal Seed Queen.

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Does Nerolidol Have Any Health


Nerolidol over the last several years has been stuck under the microscope and closely studied by some of the most amazing doctors and research teams. Leading to findings such as nerolidol being:

Antioxidant: Inhibition of cell growth was tested in vitro by cultivating promastigotes, meaning nerolidol was successful in reduction of parasite numbers compared to the test done without the use of nerolidol

Anti-Fungal: Proven with essential oils rich in nerolidol reducing live bacteria and were clinically effective at improving the lesion during the first week of application

This sesquiterpene is also known for encouraging cancer cells to complete apoptosis, help maintain parkinson's disease and could even improve the way topical drugs absorb into the skin.

Cannabis Strains High In Nerolidol