Geraniol Terpene



|jr-a-nee-uhl | Noun

Geraniol is a dietary alcohol based monoterpene. Found most abundantly in cannabis, rose, citronella, peaches, lemongrass and, Palmrose, geraniols delicate aromas do not describe its effects.

This colorless terpene and when consumed in cannabis, it provides a heavy-headed high with the bonus of offering significant therapeutic health benefits.

"it also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils."

Does Geraniol Have Any Health


While the terpene geraniol is not a primary terpene, the research that has been completed in recent years proves it should be.

Geraniol provides health and wellness in ways of therapeutic relief as well as from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

Recent studies also show geraniol could be a great aid in reducing gastric ulcers and having anti-tumor properties. Always be sure to contact multiple doctors when getting opinions on what cannabis you should treat yourself with.

The effects of geraniol on cancer hallmarks

"Successive genetic lesions promote the transition of a cell from a normal to a neoplastic state because they confer relative fitness benefits, which ensure a high degree of adaptability to altered environmental cues. When tumor cells evolve progressively under selective pressures, they acquire certain cancer hallmarks that enable the tumor to survive and grow and ultimately become malignant (3742). Therefore, the molecules or pathways that are responsible for the acquisition of these hallmarks have been considered promising targets for the development of effective anticancer agents."

Cannabis Strains High In Geraniol