Eucalyptol Terpene


Eucalyptol, Also Known As Cineol

| yoo-Ka-lip'-tawl | Noun

While the terpene eucalyptol isn't as copiously found, it still has remarkable medical characteristics most terpenes don't.

Also known as cineol, eucalyptol is most commonly abundant naturally in Sage, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Basil, Rosemary, and Cannabis.

It has a well known camphoraceous, minty sweet aroma, eucalyptol is used in fragrances and beauty products.

Does Eucalyptol Have Any Health


Eucalyptus terpene has many impressive benefits. This terpene may help promote relaxation, decrease pain, and even relieve cold symptoms.

Many beauty products also use eucalyptus extract to soothe irritated skin, provide fresh breath naturally, and repel insects.

A study done by Penn State, says that the terpene eucalyptol has:

"Been used in the past as an antiseptic to kill germs. The oil was used in traditional Aboriginal medicines to heal wounds and fungal infections. Teas made of eucalyptus leaves were also used to reduce fevers. Eucalyptus was soon used in other traditional medicine systems, including Chinese, Indian (Ayurvedic), and Greek and European.

In the 19th century England, eucalyptus oil was used in hospitals to clean urinary catheters. Laboratory studies later showed that eucalyptus oil contains substances that kill bacteria. It also may kill some viruses and fungi. Studies in animals and test tubes show that eucalyptus oil acts as an expectorant, meaning it helps coughs by loosening phlegm."

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